Have your starting player toss a stone or other flat object (a beanbag, a shell, a plastic button, a marker) onto the hopscotch board. The stone has to land inside the square without touching the border or bouncing out. If the player successfully lands the stone between the lines, they move on to the next step. If they fail, they lose their turn and the next player goes.

Use one foot to jump inside each square. Don’t place more than one foot on the ground at a time, unless there are 2 number squares right next to each other. In this case, put down both feet simultaneously (one in each square). Always keep your feet inside the appropriate square(s); if you step on a line, hop on the wrong square, or step out of the square, you lose your turn.

When you get to the last number (usually 10), turn around (remaining on one foot) and hop your way back in reverse order. When you land on the square directly before the one containing your stone, lean down (still on one foot) and pick it up. Then, skip over that square and finish up.

Once you’ve completed the course or lost your turn, hand the stone to the player after you. Then, they go. After every player has taken their turn, if you didn’t lose your turn in the previous round, throw your stone into square 2 for your next turn. Your goal is to complete the course with the stone in each square. The first person to do this wins the game!


Resource credit:  WikiHow

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