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Men’s Jackets Malaysia

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A men’s jacket is a versatile garment that most people will likely own at least one of in their wardrobe. Not only does it provide warmth, but when paired with a nice shirt and pants, it can really elevate your fashion game. As well-known as the jacket is to everyone, there are actually a vast variety of jacket types with distinct features. Knowing different types of jackets for men will definitely help with your fashion. Some of the more common jackets include sports jackets, hoodie jackets, and bomber jackets.

A bomber jacket usually features a short and compact design. The material is usually nylon which is durable and water-resistant. It is suitable for casual wear, pairing it more commonly with a jean and a T-shirt. A hoodie jacket is easily differentiated as it typically has a hood. Unlike bomber jackets, hoodie jackets are usually made from breathable and soft materials like cotton French Terry. Shop our collection of men’s jackets online now and find the perfect style to suit your needs. From bomber jackets to hoodie jackets and everything in between, we’ve got you covered!