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Men’s Inner Shirts

Shop Men’s Inner Shirts Online

A man’s inner shirt is a piece of garment that is usually worn underneath a regular shirt. With lightweight fabric such as cotton, it is best known for being breathable and providing comfort. In our store, we offer two types of men’s inner shirts, round-neck tees and also singlets.

The main benefit of inner shirts is to keep the body warm by adding an extra layer to your regular outfit. It is also known for wicking away sweat in hot weather. What’s more on top of the functional benefits, inner shirts are also part of the outfit for styling. Layer it with a flannel or long sleeve shirt and you got yourself a fashionable outfit for a casual or semi-formal occasion.

With tropical weather in Malaysia where most of the time it is hot and humid, inner shirts are an essential part of any man’s wardrobe in Malaysia. With excellent craftsmanship, our inner shirts are designed to ensure maximum user comfort. Discover the inner shirts that suit you best from the wide range of selections in our store now!