Boxer vs Brief vs Boxer Brief: What are the differences?

Boxer briefs vs briefs

Of course, as time goes by, there has been more than just one version of men’s underwear. As we enter the year 2023, there are now more than five types of men’s underwear such as bikini-cut, trunks, thongs, hip shorts, and more. But eventually, it all comes back to the classics: boxers, briefs, and boxer briefs. But what could be the differences between these three finest undergarments?


Boxers are known to be loose fit, or as people call it nowadays, baggy. They are longer in length as most of them reach just nicely above your knees, therefore they provide more coverage than the rest of the underwear for men. Due to boxers being baggy, they are also known to be more breathable for your buddy.

At the same time, boxers are able to provide you with easy access when it comes to going to the toilet as they are designed with a pocket in the front, known as a fly, for you to whip out your boy and relief yourself.

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Briefs (i.e Slips or Tighty whities)

Briefs on the other hand are the exact opposite of boxers. Briefs are tighter underwear and reach up until the very top of the thighs. Aside from being known as briefs, sometimes they are also called slips or tighty whities.

Due to their tight nature, wearing briefs can provide your buddy 100% support but can easily cause chafing especially if you’ve worn them for long periods. Hence, why it is important to know your size when purchasing briefs so as to not wear the wrong size!

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Boxer Briefs

As the name suggests, boxer briefs are a hybrid of boxers and briefs. Boxer briefs provide the best of both worlds. This type of underwear is form-fitting and supports your juniors as well as gives you coverage in terms of the length of the underwear. In other words, they offer you the perfect balance of boxers and briefs.


Trunks are a type of boxer briefs, but with shorter legs. Trunks are a much shorter version of boxer briefs. They’re great for guys who prefer less coverage but still want the support and comfort of boxer briefs.

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Shorty boxer briefs are similar to trunks, but with even shorter legs. They’re a great option for guys who want a more athletic look and prefer even less coverage.


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Boxer vs brief, which is better? How do you choose the best underwear that fits you?

conquest x gundam boxer brief and briefs

Choosing between three different kinds of men’s underwear can be difficult especially if it is your first time buying for yourself or buying for other people. There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the right pair of men’s underwear especially since you’re going to be wearing it on a daily basis.

Size Matters

Let’s begin at the top—or, better yet, the bottom. The size of your drawers will have an impact on a lot of things; for example; do you feel too restricted by the bands around your thighs? That’s a blatant sign that you need to assess the situation. And if your underwear is double tucked inside your pants, you probably wear a size too large. Your underwear is the one item on your body that should perfectly fit you.

If you’re caught between sizes, find out where your sizing problems actually are. With elastic waistbands, a tight waistband on the first few wears will disappear after the elastic stretches. Feeling squeezed on multiple levels? Size up. You probably already know that things shrink in water, so even if you buy an oversized item of clothing, the size will fit you after a wash.


One of the most important things to consider when purchasing underwear is the level of comfort that it offers. Wearing boxers might be the most comfortable for some as it is loose and won’t suffocate your buddy, especially if the weather is hot. But that dangly feeling might make some feel a little too vulnerable and therefore, some may opt for the tighty whities as they provide 100% support.

But wearing tight underwear with a little too much support could drown your cherries in sweat and discomfort; which is where wearing boxer briefs come into play as they fit your area nicely without constricting your boys’ movements too much.


It might not sound like one of the most important elements to consider, but the style you wear matters! Among the three types of underwear, you might want to put briefs as your last option unless comfort is the only thing that matters when purchasing underwear.

Wearing boxers could be a good option for most but could make some men, especially those on the skinnier side, look a little too thin than they usually are. Boxer brief, on the other hand, is your best friend as far as appearance and style are concerned. Most women agree that men wearing boxer briefs have a different kind of appeal, especially their legs.

Activity level

The activities that you’re involved with also influence the kind of underwear that is suitable for your boys. If you’re physically active and often participate in sports, boxer briefs are definitely ideal for your cherries as they won’t cause chafing and will still give some breathability to your buddy.

man with active lifestyle jogging

But if your daily routine is going to work in an air-conditioned environment, then a brief would be sufficient. On the other hand, if you frequently work at home and want to feel relaxed at home, then choose boxers to wear around the house as it is flexible enough to be used as shorts when lounging.


You should also think about the kind of clothes that you typically wear as the right undergarments can guarantee your comfort throughout the day.

For example, if you are the kind that wears skinny jeans, then a brief or boxer briefs would most probably be the suitable underwear to pair with your jeans. That way, there won’t be any chafing around the inner thighs area, and it wouldn’t look obvious that you have another piece of clothing underneath.

brief or boxer briefs would most probably be the suitable underwear to pair with your jeans
Complete your outfit and ensure all-day comfort with the right underwear, like briefs or boxer briefs, perfect for pairing with skinny jeans.

But if you’re comfortable wearing sweatpants outside, then boxers would be the right choice.

On a serious note: here’s a little health input to factor in between boxers and briefs

Believe it or not, your choice of undergarments can affect the quality of your sperm production! A team of researchers at Harvard conducted a study where they find that men who wore non-boxer had decreased sperm count and concentrations, by a significant amount.

This is because semen can worsen in quality when they are exposed to higher-than-normal temperatures for a long period of time. This finding has then led to the introduction of the term, “scrotal heating,” and “scrotal hypothermia,” into the scientific literature. As a response to this, fertility experts experimented with the possibilities of, “testicular cooling.”

In this experiment, ice packs were placed on the scrotum at night and held in place with jockey shorts. It was discovered that 65% of the participants saw a two-fold increase in sperm concentrations.

But over time, there has been a lack of consistency in the research done to discover if the various types of underwear can affect sperm production. According to some studies, there are not enough temperature variations brought on by different underwear types to have any long-lasting, clinical significance.

stack of boxers underwear
Choose Boxers for Optimal Sperm Production – Studies show non-boxer underwear can lead to decreased sperm count. Shop our comfortable and supportive boxer selection now.

In short, what is the difference between boxers and briefs?

The main difference between boxers and briefs is their fit and coverage. Boxers are typically loose-fitting and provide more coverage, as they extend down the leg and typically reach just above the knee. Briefs, on the other hand, are tighter and provide less coverage, as they only cover the essentials and reach up to the top of the thigh.

In terms of support, briefs tend to provide more support to the genitals, while boxers allow for more freedom of movement. Additionally, because boxers are looser and more breathable, they can be more comfortable in warmer temperatures. Briefs, on the other hand, can be more comfortable during colder months as they provide more insulation.

Ultimately, the choice between boxers and briefs comes down to personal preference, as well as factors such as activity level and style.


At the end of the day, it all depends on your own preference, whether you want to wear boxers or briefs, and your lifestyle as well such as the kind of food you eat and if you are staying healthy or not. But if you’re an avid fan of brief and are currently trying to conceive with your partner, it wouldn’t hurt to let the boys free once in a while. If you’re currently browsing the web to look for new undergarments, you can surf through COMO to find your preferred men’s underwear!

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