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Women’s Wetsuit

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Wetsuits are a wonder and invaluable gear to all the divers and water sports lovers out there. Commonly made with neoprene, they are worn to keep the body warm in cold water while also providing buoyancy to ease with swimming and diving. Choosing the right wetsuits is crucial especially for women as women’s wetsuits are designed to fit the female form. Fun fact on women’s wetsuits: the size is based on a standard ladies’ dress size. Hence, knowing your dress size is a good first step on your journey to purchasing the fitting wetsuit.

It is also very important to consider the thickness of the neoprene when shopping for women’s wetsuits. Different thicknesses are designed for different water temperatures. For example, the more commonly used 3mm wetsuits are suitable for cooler water temperatures. Explore our online store to better understand the different sizes of wetsuits available in the market. Did we also mention that we offer diving socks in our official store to cater to full-suit purchases?